Today, I finished a lot of homework, mother will reward me a few game, I was jumping with joy. I quickly opened the "Shaoxing City Games" found by several games, called: "the three hit a" double chess chess "," chess chess read".

I like "the flag three hits one" very much. I will play it soon, and I find it different from the previous military flag. At the beginning of four pieces all randomly assigned, when the main Zhuang three to play an owner can also get "handsome" and "guide" and "barrier". "Handsome" is bigger than commander, "base" is a strengthened version of the mine, only to be bombed by a bomb. "Guide" like the combination of engineers and the bomb body, can flying like engineers, can kill the head of the following pieces, but also with the head above the law.


I looked very curious, the first time when the owner, I got "handsome" and "guide". But, in the somehow, the three of them together, launched an attack on me, they send large kill over, kill but fried, see my pieces less, I will send a "handsome" and "guide", but they put me into a "handsome" then use the bombs to blow up "trap" and eight, mindhunters, make my "guide" Wuluketao, finally I had to "guide" and "head. I finally had to surrender to see It is all up with.


Second, when the first US bomb was consumed, then sent a handsome, hit left and right, like a place where there is no one, we do nothing but to surrender, cover the face and creep away.

People's imagination is so rich that I believe there will be more fun games in the future.

In order to get high marks, some students figure out all the ways, the worse situation is to plagiarize other student’s hard-working. Plagiarism is a big mistake, the teachers are always emphasizing it, but the lazy students go against the rule, they want to pass assessment easily. These students should be shameful about themselves.



On the one hand, plagiarizing means the lack of respect of other students’ hard-working. Students need to spend many hours and put a lot of effort to finish the paper; the outcome means their wisdom and paid, just as the old saying, “no pain, no gain”. While the lazy students destroy other students’ effort, they just get the job done without their own thinking; they can even get the more high marks. This is very unfair; every student should finish the task in their own wisdom, showing respect to each other.



On the other hand, the students who are used to plagiarism will end up hurting themselves. If the students’ such behavior is found by others, they will get bad record in their files, which means they will have problem on trust issues, it is hard for them to find a job. If they are lucky to not be found, they still learn nothing, they lack of ability.



In conclusion, plagiarism is a shameful behavior; students should learn things by their own minds.


The college entrance exam is a big exam for students, they have learned so many years for the purpose of entering the college.

For most person, they have the very deep impression about the big exam, it has changes so many people’s destinies.

I had taken part in the exam, I remember it clearly, the situation just like happened yesterday.

I studied so hard, in those days that were nearing the exam, all the students focus their attention on the study, we fought together.

The paper and the books were piled up our desks, when I entered the classroom, I hardly could see my classmates’ heads.

Though it was the tough days for us, we felt happy, because we fought for our future, we believe what we do will bring us a promising future. These memories will linger on my mind forever.




water is very important for living things. without water there can be no life on earth. all animals and plants need water. man also needs water.

water is found atmosteverywhere. even in the driest part of the world there is some water in the air.

as we all have found out, water may be a solid, or a liquid or a gas.when it isa solid, it may be as hard as brick, when itis a liquid, you can pour it out of a container. when it is a gas, you cannot see or feel it.

although about 70 percent of the earth's surface is covered with water,there are many places in the world still running out of water. so we should make good use of water on earth.

Water is very important to us. if you don’t have water for three days, you will die. we can use water for flowers, swimming, washing and many different things. we use it to cook, make electricity, put out fires and so on. we use millions of liters of water every day.

Do you know how does the water come to your home? it travels through water pipes. some are long and wide but some are short and narrow. then the water travels through the water pipes to the reservoirs. then it travels through the water pipes to the river and to the special factories that purify the water. when the water is purified, we can drink it. please don’t leave garbage in the water on which we line, and keep the water clean.


In China, QQ is the first tool for people to communication on the Internet, but as the development of the technology, more and more communication tools have come into being. Recently, a software named Weibo is very popular, people can share their personal information and keep an eye on someone they are interested. Most people get used to it, they can’t move their eyes away from it. Don’t let the Internet control your life.



When you are waiting for the bus, if the bus is not coming, you may look around the people around you, you can find that most of them are lower their heads, watching their cell phones. The young generation likes to refresh Weibo so as to keep in touch with the newest amusement. They are addicted to the technological products, ignoring things around them.



Many years ago, it was predicted that the robot would take place of human being, actually it won’t, but it seems that the technological products will. People should control the time of using such product, just raise your head, the world is much interesting than the Internet world. So don’t let Weibo control your life.








With the development of high technology, Internet is more and more popular. No matter children or the old know how to search the Internet. The emerging of the Internet bring a lot of benefit for people, while people also find it bring harm to them generally.

First of all, Internet brings much convenience and a colorful world for people. With Internet, people can buy all the things at home, search various information, make friends with people from all the world and so on. Without Internet people can’t have those benefit. Moreover, as there are a lot of people shopping on line, the need for couriers is increasing. This bring employment opportunities to many people. However, Internet also bring disadvantages for peole. As the Internet is wonderful, many people are addicted to it. Some indulge in playing computer games and neglect study or job. Besides, because people can touch different kind of information online, they are easily learn some bad messages, which is bad for their growing.


To sum up, everything has two sides. Internet also has advantages and disadvantages. But as far as I’m concerned, Internet has more advantages than disadvantages if people use it in a proper way.

In the vast ocean live many creatures with great intellectual and physical capacities. Dolphin is one of those great creatures, whose capacities to think and move at an astounding rate puzzle those who study their behaviors, Dolphins possess something that makes them different from all the other sea creatures. It is not strength or speed but the size of their brains. Dolphin's brain is almost the same size as that found in the human head. They live for a ling time.


Dolphins'babies are born in the water. They can grow up to three and a half meters long.

Dolopins use sound to help them find their way, look for their food and talk with each other. Sound is just like their eyes and mouths.




Perhapsbecause of heredity, I was born to fat. My parents are overweight. Even though Ididn’t eat too much, I couldn’t loss my weight. Therefore, I was laughed at bymy classmates sometimes, which made me self-abased. Therefore, I decided tolose weight after graduating from primary school. For the sake of my health, myparents supported me a lot.


They even made a plan for me. For example, I mustget up six thirty and do some running for about forty minutes. In theafternoon, I went to swim for about half and an hour. This was the only thing Iexpected.

I like swimming. I can’t eat much in lunch and dinner.

The food wasmainly vegetables. It was so hard, because I liked hamburger, meat, anddessert.

I had to say no to them all. Besides, I couldn’t sit down within anhour after a meal. Luckily, after two and half months, I lost ten kilograms andI had no discomfort. I felt like I live in a rebirth. My friends were so surprisedthat I changed so much. The most important is that I became much more confidentand healthy.