As the development of technology, today people keep in touch with each other not only by cell phone, but also through email.

When we open computer, we may find all kinds of message, some are important, they are sent from friends, while some are rubbish message, which are sent by the unknown ones.

As we can get the message from all resources, we may be cheated any time. There are always some messages about ads in our emails, such as the car secure, some ads say you are the one who hits their luck, you can have the big prize if you give them some message they need.

A lot of people get cheated, because they want to try to get the prize. When we read the email, we should take care of the fraud, never be greed, the fortune can’t fall from the sky, only we work for it.




Last night, I saw the news that a bus driver died of heart disease when he was doing his job, there were many passengers in the car, the driver stopped the car in the sidewalk and then died.

It is so moving, compared to the drivers who drive in high speed, this driver is full responsibility, he considered the passengers’ safe in the first place, he deserves to be highly praised.

In today, people are losing the sense of responsibility, they don’t care many things, which makes them a heartless people. Like when my mother asks me to finish the house work, I have to finish it before I go out to play.

If I give up, in the future, I will take things not serous and be a responsible guy.

If the driver just died without stopping the car, then the passengers would die, what a terrible thing. So we need to be responsible.




work and play do not contradict each other; in fact, they complement each other. as the saying goes, "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy." a life burdened with work leads you nowhere, for you would get tired and bored with your daily routine work.

on the other hand, proper recreation will relieve the tension and discomfort of our monotonous life because it offers you various ways to let out your pent-up emotions.

what i usually do to rela after school is jogging and seeing movies. usually i dont spare time for eercise, but i value the physical education class at school. jogging several rounds in the field certainly relieves the days pressure. on weekends, ill catch the morning movie for my visual enjoyment. i feel revived and energetic for another weeks work-load.


The movie A Simple Life is directed by the famous directress Ann Hui(许鞍华). The leading roles are Andy Lauand Deanie Ip(叶德娴).The movie tells us a heart-warming story between the master Roger and his old servant Tao Jie. Tao Jie has worked for Roger’s family for totally sixty years, but now she is old and seriously ill. Roger is busy in working and he feels quite at a loss. Roger has to send Tao Jie to the home for the elderly. When he is free, he often goes to visit Tao Jie and takes her to participate in some activities. The relationship between them is better and better. This movie is successful because of the good performance of Andy Lau and Deanie Ip. I am sure people will be moved by this movie.



I’m a senior student. I like English very much. Besides attending English lessons at school, I often go to the English corner in the park near my home on Saturday morning. It was set up (formed) two years ago. Many high school students gather there. Sometimes, some college students and even foreign friends are present at the English corner. There, we practice our spoken English, talk about what we are interested in, exchange our experience in learning English and so on. I’ve learned a lot. I have greatly improved myself in English since I visited it. It is really a great help to me.


my class is like a big family.i love it very much.in the big family has my favourite teachers and my lovely classmates.the fllowing is something aboout my class.

in the class time,we all listen to the teachers carefully,after class ,we play together.sometimes the teachers will take part in our activities.in our part time ,we will do somethingmeaningful,such as listen to the music,drawing pictures,makeing some cards and so on.after school ,we often go home together if we have the same way to go.so ,i think our class is not only a class ,but a big family.


this is my class,a big family,i love it forever.


在上课的时候,我们都仔细听老师,上课后,我们一起玩,有时老师会参加我们的活动。在我们的一段时间里,我们会做一些有意义的事情,比如听音乐,画画, 在学校后,我们经常一起回家,如果我们有同样的方式去,那么我认为我们的班级不仅是一个班级,而且是一个大家庭。