Sample:A letter on talking bus service in Beijing Dear Tony,I am glad to know your grandpa is coming to Beijing.Yes, your grandpa is right. The bus service in Beijing is really good now. there are more than 900 bus lines all over Beijing and bus ca… [阅读原文][点击下载]

With the time going by,I'm be happier and happier on my school life. Well,now let me introduce my life on campus.I have 30 lessons every week.such as math,English,biology....Chinese is my favorite lesson,because I enjoy beautiful article and my Chine… [阅读原文][点击下载]

我的兼职工作 My Part-time JobSince the summer holiday comes, I have a lot of free time, as I stay at home all the time, my mother suggests me to take a part-time job, I am so willing to accept her idea, because I want to earn money by myself. I… [阅读原文][点击下载]

Our life in middle school will come to an end soon. I have already stayed here for three years in my school. I have an unforgotten time. Would you want to know about it? In the schoolmy classmates and teachers were friendly to me.They taught me how t… [阅读原文][点击下载]

导语:在平时的学习、工作或生活中,说到作文,大家肯定都不陌生吧,作文是人们把记忆中所存储的有关知识、经验和思想用书面形式表达出来的记叙方式。相信写作文是一个让许多人都头… [阅读原文][点击下载]

无论在学习、工作或是生活中,许多人都有过写作文的'经历,对作文都不陌生吧,借助作文人们可以反映客观事物、表达思想感情、传递知识信息。怎么写作文才能避免踩雷呢?下面是查总结… [阅读原文][点击下载]

在平日的学习、工作和生活里,大家对作文都不陌生吧,作文是通过文字来表达一个主题意义的记叙方法。那么,怎么去写作文呢?下面是查总结小编为大家整理的小学生英语作文400字4篇,供… [阅读原文][点击下载]

在生活、工作和学习中,大家总少不了接触作文吧,借助作文可以宣泄心中的情感,调节自己的心情。你知道作文怎样写才规范吗?以下是查总结小编精心整理的小学生英语作文400字8篇,希望… [阅读原文][点击下载]

"人类真是太不文明了!"一天清早,小鱼对小鸭子说。"就是,人类把食物的.包装袋和没吃完的食物都丢进了河,把河都污染了!"小鸭子图文并茂:"明明河边有垃圾箱,不就是多走几步吗?为什么… [阅读原文][点击下载]

Water is very important to us. Without water, people can not live .But now most of people do not save water. Many people always forget to turn off the tap. This will waste lots of water. And a lot of people like taking a shower for a long time. It is… [阅读原文][点击下载]